How We Do

Discover vikamshi through our facilities and manufacturing processes.

We have divided entire infrastructure in various sections like Inventory Store, Manufacturing unit, Quality Testing and Assurance, Research and Development, Packing unit, Ware-house.

Each of the section is well equipped with relevant versatile machineries to mix and match the processes / finishes which enables us to manufacture large volumes and successfully deliver the bulk orders in a comprehensive manner.

Manufacturing + -

Vikamshi's state of the art manufacturing facilities boast of a completely integrated plant which enables to manufacture high quality rubber products through different processing routes right from

  • Compounding
  • Colour match mixing
  • Contamination-free Screening
  • Ultra-clean Dough Churning
  • Dipping & Doubling
  • Spread coating & Adhesion preparations
  • Calendaring
  • Hot Air Vulcanization
  • Continuous Curing
  • Small component Moulding
  • Fabrication

on to Finishing with utmost Environmental respect...

Product engineering—not merely manufacturing, but inventing—lies at the heart of Vikamshi.

Quality Control + -

To achieve perfection in aspect of manufacturing, we have meticulously placed controls not merely to prevent defects and reduce variation / waste but to ensure that every inch of material we produce meets or exceeds the requisite standards and customer’s specifications.

  • Controls right from the procured raw materials, in process till packaging 100% batch testing
  • Use of prime advanced modern machineries and appliances.
  • Constant supervision in each process so no flaws or imperfections could pass under our eyes.
  • Stringent & efficient quality control systems to meet various standards & norms

Vikamshi has kept alive quality as a legacy

Testing & Assurance + -

We are equipped with full fledged laboratory and experienced trained man power for testing and assurance of incoming raw materials and fabrics upto finished products confirmed in accordance with the test methods of ASTM, BIS, ISO, DIN and other international Standards.

In this department, besides using equipments such as an inspection machine, we employ specially skilled and trained QA Staff, since a good portion of the final inspection still relies on inspector’s experience, sensitivity and capability to spot and recognize flaws or defects.

  • Visual checking on both sides of Coated Fabrics and Rubber Sheets
  • Every inch of material passed through Quality Assurance before it leaves from factory.
  • In house laboratory for physical-chemical testing of textiles and elastomer.
  • Ensured traceability route.

Making of complex textiles and elastomer – Happens at Vikamshi

Flowchart + -

Rubberized Fabrics - Rubber Sheets - Inflatables

Research & Development (R&D) + -

Research and Development focuses on continuous improvement of Vikamshi’s range.

Our research and development wing :

  • Responsible to design new compounds with validation and up-gradation of 1000+ own recipes.
  • Backed up by well equipped testing laboratory to take care for utmost consistent supplies and customer sample evaluations.
  • Engaged in seeking new technologies & possibilities to develop latest hi-tech rubber products.
  • Strives to give customers maximum value for their investment, widest product range and complete solutions to meet changing trends.

Vikamshi provides solutions for your needs.

Team + -

Our technology is a key factor of our success, however it means nothing without our team.

A team of

  • Highly-qualified, dedicated and trained work force made of engineers, technicians, supervisors and operators
  • All of whom having wealth of experience & expertise in several areas such as chemistry, material resistance, mechanical – textile engineering, Engineering Drawings.

Capable enough

  • To advise the right combination of Elastomer and Fabric Reinforcement for achieving optimum performance
  • To assist for reproducing the principal material or enhancement of our older product.
  • To custom design rubber products as per application requirements specifications

The sound infrastructure, Quality assurance, Hygiene, Safety Standards and Production Management symbolizes that vikamshi's products are functionally "Superior".