Why ? Vikamshi

vikamshi enjoys an industry wide reputation as a quality manufacturer of rubberized coated fabrics, rubber sheets and Inflatable.

Stringent controls right from procurements on to finishing and availability of vast range of products under one roof has made Vikamshi an attractive choice of buyers from varied segments across the world, thus giving a confidence of continuing to the trajectory of Growth...

Approach + -

The high demands placed on elastomer products often where no alternatives are available requires special designing. The more unique the product, the more precisely it will fulfill its function.

Vikamshi’s experience means you have access to a manufacturing team who knows calendaring process intuitively. The result is consistent products that will meet and exceed your every specification and expectation.

Vikamshi’s approach is based on 3 dimensional expertise

Formulate an appropriate polymer compounds matching to the product specifications

Define the technical textile and get it designed meeting to application requirements

Transform the polymers and technical textiles in order to produce Rubberized coated fabrics, Rubber sheets and value added products

Vikamshi excel in engineering solutions for users of rubberized materials.

Capacity + -

vikamshi has an expertise and production capability to design and manufacture an enviable range of rubber products for wide variety of applications

Annual production capacity / Shift
Million Linear Meter
Rubberized Fabric
Metric Tons
Rubber Sheet / Rubber Compounds
Industrial Inflatable and Bladders
Tailored Made Articles

We inventory and process all major polymers and textiles and customize any variants of the product as per specifications, by using our or your material.

vikamshi doesn’t simply deliver your needs but internalize it.

Service + -

From first handshake to final delivery, our valued customers will experience creativity, diligence and energy. Our team believes “good enough” is never good enough.

Our services outperform the competition



  • Kept alive Quality as a Legacy
  • Established quality assured methodology and process.
  • Continuous investment in technology


  • Lively spirit of innovations.
  • Controls on in-process cost.
  • Continuous commitment for excellence.


  • Quick Turnaround for stock items and customized products
  • Constant review of customer needs
  • Every supply is the beginning of an enduring alliance.

Its what sets vikamshi apart

The sound infrastructure, Quality assurance, Hygiene, Safety Standards and Production Management symbolizes that Vikamshi's products are functionally "Superior".